The recently renovated Heimen Hotel: This is Bergen's nicest hotel

Since 1918, De Bergenske has welcomed guests at Hordaheimen Hotel, which is now changing its name to Heimen Hotel and is opening its doors following an extensive renovation. 

"This is Bergen's nicest hotel, a very warm and friendly hotel," says Kjetil Smørås, hotel director for De Bergenske. 

Hordaheimen Hotel, also known as Augustin Hotel, is now changing its name to Heimen Hotel. The name change comes as the hotel has been periodically closed during the pandemic and more recently refurbished. Its doors are now set to open again with newly renovated rooms, warm interiors and hues, and an authentic accommodation experience in the heart of Bergen. 

Heimen Hotel is perfect for families who want to stay in the centre of Bergen.

Jon Fosse and Heimen Hotel 

"There has been a hotel called Hordaheimen in this building since 1918. We wanted to preserve the associations with the name and bring it with us into a new era," says Kjetil. 

He says the original idea for the name change came from Norwegian author Jon Fosse, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2023. Fosse has been a frequent guest at Hordaheimen and even mentioned the hotel in one of his books. 

"Fosse has also eaten meat cakes with fried onions here," says Kjetil with a smile. 

Heim is the Norwegian word for home. Heimen Hotel is therefore a fitting choice of name this hotel that has plenty of history in its walls and which is a pleasant home on your journey. 

A family hotel in Bergen city centre 

De Bergenske consists of seven hotels, more than 30 venues, and six restaurants, all with an excellent location in Bergen city centre, including Heimen Hotel, which is perfect those who are looking for pleasant and inexpensive accommodation. 

"We hope we attract many visitors, both those in the business segment, but also sports teams and families who are looking for a cosier and more affordable place to stay in the summer or on weekends," says Kjetil. 

Heimen Hotel offers excellent and big family rooms, extended check-in, a laundry room, and the possibility of a separate guest kitchen to prepare food yourself, in addition to a homemade breakfast included in your stay. The hotel has parking, access to a nearby fitness centre for guests, and is, of course, centrally located in Bergen, just a short distance to all the culture and nightlife. 

"We have great faith in 2024 and are already receiving lots of bookings this year. We believe that people are now travelling more both domestically and abroad, and that Bergen will attract at least as many visitors now as in 2023. We are very optimistic," says Kjetil. 




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