Green spaces in Bergen that give you Zen

"The Museum Garden is a place I would recommend to everyone," says Yngve Hansen, Bergen resident and brand concept manager at De Bergenske. 

Yngve was born and raised in Bergen and has worked with the development of hotels for many years. Without wanting to drop any names, he has hosted many well-known artists, actors, athletes, and heads of state from all over the world. Like most people in Bergen, he finds it hard to restrain himself from poking a little fun at the Eastern Norwegians. 

"The culturally interested part of Norway is located in Bergen," says Yngve with a smile. The dig aimed at the capital in the East is accompanied by a twinkle in his eye and a warm laugh. 

The museum garden is the place I would recommend to everyone.

- Yngve Hansen

Yngve's insider tips 

His official title is brand concept manager in De Bergenske, a family of hotels and restaurants in Bergen. With a role that entails responsibility for preserving the brands' concepts and visual identity, Yngve has a particularly good overview of what's happening on the cultural scene and what is worth experiencing.  

What are Yngve's best insider tips for Bergen? 

"The Museum Garden!" 

"It's an incredibly beautiful garden that's part of the University of Bergen and is a place I would recommend to everyone," says Yngve. 

A botanical gem in the middle of the city  

The Museum Garden can best be described as a botanical gem in the centre of Bergen. With over 3,000 different plants from all over the world to see and smell, as well as tropical greenhouses, it’s the perfect spot to disconnect and find peace. 

"I think if Zen had been a place, this place would be pure Zen. The MuZen Garden," says Yngve, laughing again.   

Many people probably associate Western Norway's capital with fjords, the historic wharf Bryggen, mountains and a bustling nightlife, but if you want to relax and find peace, it is the city's green parks and lungs that you should seek out. 

Here are the finest parks in Bergen – your ticket to Zen 

1. The Museum Garden 

The University's botanical garden where you can see plants and flowers from all over the world. 

2. Nygårdsparken 

One of the most famous parks in Bergen. A traditional park in the English landscape style, with a lake and lots of green spaces. 

3. Byparken 

Located right in the city centre, this lovely park features a rose garden and pavilion. You will find the theatre, Den Nationale Scene, and Festplassen square close by. 

4. Nordnesparken 

This park has a playground for the kids and sea views for adults. You will also find Nordnes Sjøbad, an outdoor heated 25-metre saltwater pool, complete with an outdoor sauna and diving board above the fjord.  

5. Gamlehaugen 

This is His Majesty The King of Norway's official residence in Bergen. The building is owned by the state and is surrounded by a green and lush park in the traditional English design. Well worth a trip. PS: bring swimwear weather permitting. 

We wish you a nice trip to the green lungs of the capital of Western Norway! 

Discover more about De Bergenske here – a family of hotels and restaurants in Bergen  





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