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Five star hotels in Bergen City centre

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Our hotels

Grand Hotel Terminus

Bergen's outstanding classic hotel

Zander K Hotel

Bergen's most urban hotel

Bergen Børs Hotel

Bergen's most exclusive hub

Augustin Hotel

The nicest hotel in Bergen

Villa Terminus

Bergen's most beautiful hotel

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Selskap i Bergen? Vi har alle størrelser og til alle anledninger.

Kurs- og møtelokaler

Kurs eller møte i Bergen? Vi har alle størrelser og til alle anledninger.


Konferanse i Bergen? Vi har alle størrelser og til alle typer anledninger.

New Years Eve

Celebrate New Year's Eve at BARE Restaurant?

Welcome to New Year's Eve celebration in one of Bergen's best restaurants. With a fantastic menu and delicious drinks we celebrate the last day of the year

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DB Magazine

De Bergenske - a family of hotels and restaurants

De Bergenske is not an ordinary chain of hotels and restaurants; it is owned and managed by a family genuinely local to Bergen – a family with a love for the city and a long-term vision. A century has passed since our oldest hotel, Augustin, welcomed its first guests in 1919, and we have big plans for the next 100 years.

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DB Magazine

Welcome to NEW Grand Hotel Terminus

What was the city's most luxurious hotel when it opened in 1928 has undergone a 13-year refurbishment project. Today, Bergen's Grand Hotel Terminus is ready to receive new guests, and is more spectacular than ever.

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