A local art curator's five favourite places in Bergen

Here are the restaurants, hikes, and museums you won't want to miss in the city on the west coast of Norway.

Aashild Grana is an art curator and is responsible for planning and organising art projects and artworks at De Bergenske's six hotels and numerous restaurants.   

Who better to share their best tips for Bergen's culture and nightlife? 

Here are the top 5 must-visit places in Bergen, according to Aashild. 

1. Stoltzekleiven – from your own door straight to the mountains 

"I hike in the mountains once or twice a week. In Bergen, you can walk right out your door, up the steep stairs in the Stoltzekleiven trail, go for a hike in the mountains, and be back home again, all in an hour and a half," says Aashild. 

Stoltzekleiven is known for its steep climb and consists of over 900 steps. The trail goes from the Sandviken neighbourhood up to the top of Sandviksfjellet mountain, where you enjoy views of Bergen's fjords and mountains.  

Address: Fjellveien 15

At Fisketorget in Bergen you will find fresh seafood and fresh vegetables. Fjellskål, located on Fisketorget, is one of Aashild's favourite places.

2. Fjellskål – for fresh seafood

"Fjellskål is my favourite shop. It sells fresh halibut and skrei (Arctic cod). I go there several times a week to shop," says Aashild.  

The fish shop is located at the Fish Market in Bergen and offers a wide selection of fresh seafood and local delicacies.

Address: Strandkaien 3

3. Kode – Norway's finest museum

Art curator Aashild thinks Kode is Norway's finest museum. Kode is an extensive museum complex that houses an impressive collection of art, design and music.  

"Rasmus Meyer's Edvard Munch is particularly good," says Aashild.

Kode has an impressive Munch collection.

4. Hoggorm – a very cool pizza place

"I have to recommend an eatery and I have to pick Hoggorm. It's cool and laid back. You can't book a table, and they have very good pizzas."

Hoggorm is located across the street from the concert house Grieghallen, and the menu includes pizza with broccolini, anchovies & parmesan, or chicken thighs, kimchi and gochujang.  

Address: Nygårdsgaten 29

Aashild is particularly fond of Bergen's city centre.

5. Bergen city centre – all the city's history in one place

"Bergen city centre shows the city's long and exciting history in a fantastic and detailed way," says Aashild.

She thinks everyone should take a stroll through the centre, from the pedestrian street Marken, where you will find small cafes and shops, to the harbour Vågen, which has aways brought the city together.




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