The very best hikes in Bergen: – An absolutely fantastic view

In the space of just a few minutes, you can get from the hotel door to the roof of Bergen – the top of Mount Fløyen. Maître d' Inger gives you her best tips for panoramic views of Bergen city centre, mountains and fjords. 

"I really like walking in nature, and with its seven mountains Bergen has a lot to offer in that regard," says Inger Myren. 

The Fløibanen Funicular – the city's biggest attraction 

She works for De Bergenske and is maître d' at the venerable Grand Hotel Terminus. The classic hotel, known for first-class hospitality, is located in Bergen city centre and is just a few minutes' walk from the Fløibanen Funicular station at the foot of Fløyen. The funicular is one of the biggest attractions in the city and has been in operation since 1918. The carriages Rødhette (Little Red Riding Hood) and Blåmann are named after the fairy tale characters.  

"Fløyen is one of my favourite places," says Inger with a smile. 

Many hiking trails to choose from 

"You get fantastic views of the fjords and mountains at the top, and the nature is very beautiful. There are also many different trails to choose from, so you can easily select either shorter hikes or a long day hike if you wish," adds the active head waiter. 

The ride to the top of Fløyen takes just 6-8 minutes. For Inger, it doesn't take long from walking out the door at her workplace at Grand Hotel Terminus until she's standing on the roof of Bergen where there are almost endless options for trails though the nature. 

Ask for good hiking tips at your hotel or try one of Ingrid's favourite walks below: 

Inger often goes for a walk on Fløyen.

Here are three of the best urban hikes in Bergen: 

1. Fløyen – for the whole family 

Ingrid's favourite place in Bergen is just as popular with tourists as with the locals themselves. The mountain rises 320 meters above sea level and the hike up is suitable for everyone. You can either take the funicular or walk along the hiking trail to the top – which takes one to two hours. At Fløyen you will find a mix of wooded paths and open fields as well as a lake and fantastic views of the city and fjords. You will also find cafés, a playground, and a souvenir shop at the top. 

2. Ulriken – for those who want to climb the highest peak 

Ulriken is the highest of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, at 643 metres above sea level. You can easily get to the top on the Ulriksbanen cable car in about seven minutes. The peak is a fantastic starting point for a 10-minute walk or a full-day hike. There are well-marked trails and information boards at the top. 

3. Vidden – for memorable Instagram photos 

The open mountain plateau between Mt Ulriken and Mt Fløyen is known as Vidden. Feel free to start from Mt Ulriken and finish at Mt Fløyen (or vice versa – either one is a good hike). The trip takes about five hours, and your phone will quickly be chock full of Instamoments snapped along the way! 

Happy hiking to Bergen's peaks! 

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