Omakase by Sergey Pak

Skostredet Hotel offers a celebration of flavours from Norway and Japan. Under the guidance of chef and world sushi champion Sergey Pak, guests can enjoy omakase dishes featuring Bergen's local ingredients and a good dose of masterful Japanese culinary art.

Fine dining is an occasional luxury that feeds the soul as much as the body

- Malcolm Forbes

Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday

First seating: 17:00

Second seating: 20:00

*(1.5 – 2 hours per seating)


Tel. +47 55 30 40 55

*Bookings start on July 4, 2024. You can reserve your table now.

  • 1. Seating small tasting

    *Price per person. 14 dishes

  • Wine pairing from

  • 2. Seating full tasting

    *Price per person. 20 dishes

  • Wine pairing from

  • * We regret to inform you that we are unable to provide gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, or non-seafood options. For any other dietary requests, please contact us.


1: milk, 2: wheat, 3: sulfite, 4: egg, 5: rye, 6: shelfish, 7: molluscs, 8: hazelnuts, 9: celery, 10: fish, 11: soy, 12: sesame seeds, 13: mustard, 14: pistachios, 15: almond, 16: pecan nuts, 17: cashew nuts, 18: barley, 19: lupin, 20: peanut, 21: nuts

About Omakase by Sergey Pak

Omakase by Sergey Pak is a masterpiece of taste, service, and elegance. The fine dining restaurant is intimate with only ten seats and is led by Master Chef Sergey Pak, winner of the Nordic Sushi Master Chef award. This gourmet restaurant offers a high quality Japanese dining experience right in the heart of Bergen city centre. Enjoy fresh, local produced, exquisite sushi of the highest quality, and an exclusive selection of the world's best wines.

"Norwegian fish is truly world class, and we make it shine."

— Sergey Pak, Head Chef, Omakase


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