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De Bergenske consists of six central hotels and several restaurants in Bergen city centre. We are proud of our heritage and have a strong desire to promote the best the city has to offer. We will be your guide for both your stay with us and for everything you need to know about the city's streets and mountains. 

Located in western Norway, Bergen offers an abundance of beauty and natural charm. In Norway's majestic landscape, the city stands out as a unique place where nature is an indispensable part of urban life. 

Nestled between dramatic mountains and fjords, Bergen welcomes its visitors with a true sense of Norwegian adventure. Its compact size makes it easy to explore the city's charming streets, historic buildings, and vibrant cultural and nightlife scenes. Wander through the colourful wooden houses of Bryggen, a UNESCO World Heritage site that bears witness to Bergen's rich trading history and relax in lush parks and gardens that lie both in and around the city. 

Visitors from all over the world flock to Bergen to experience its distinctive mix of culture and nature. Bergen is the perfect destination for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Take the Fløibanen funicular from the city centre up to Fløyen, one of Bergen's seven mountains, for panoramic views or challenge yourself to hike up Mount Ulriken, the city's highest mountain. If you are looking for a workout from hotel to mountain, we recommend the jog from Bergen Børs Hotel to the famous steep stair trail of Stoltzenkleiven.  

It's a short distance from Bergen city center up to the mountains.

Museums in Bergen 

But Bergen is not just a starting point for outdoor experiences. The city also has a rich cultural life, with museums, theatres, and art galleries highlighting Norway's cultural heritage and modern art scene. Don't miss:  

A visit to Bergen is also not complete without enjoying the locally-sourced seafood the city is known for. Head to the Fish Market and enjoy delicacies such as fresh prawns, salmon, and crab. Or visit one of De Bergenske's restaurants, such as the exclusive Bare by Pak – an intimate restaurant where world sushi champion Vladimir Pak is head chef, eat the city's best barbecue at Engen restaurant , or experience a meal in memorable and venerable surroundings at Frescohallen, one of Norway's national treasures. At Frescohallen, you dine in a beautiful hall adorned with frescoes painted by Axel Revold, and with a view of Bryggen and the water outside.   

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The Munch exhibition at Kode in Bergen city center.

The Hardangerfjord and Flåm 

Bergen is also the ideal starting point for exploring Norway's wester coast. From Bergen, you can easily travel to iconic places such as the Hardangerfjord, Voss, and Flåm, and experience some of the very finest nature in the world. 

Whether you're seeking adventure in nature or cultural experiences in the city, Bergen will live up to your expectations and leave you in love with Norway's natural and cultural treasures. 

You are very welcome to ask us at De Bergenske, at one of our six hotels such as Bergen Børs Hotel, Grand Hotel Terminus, Villa Terminus, Zander K Hotel, Heimen Hotel or Skostredet Hotel, for expert advice on memorable food or nature experiences: 

"I live and breathe for what we do, which is to contribute to a diversity of experiences in Bergen," says hotel director Kjetil Smørås. 

Have a wonderful trip and a tasty meal in Bergen! 



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